Winter Comfort Foods

Craving comfort foods?  For some of us, especially in the colder parts of the country, winter time is when we crave warmer, dense, comfort foods. Whether it’s the damp, shorter and colder days, it just happens to all of us!  Instead of indulging in less-than-healthy fare like macaroni and cheese or worse, give yourself a nutritional […]

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Should I loose weight before I become a Fitness Coach?

I get asked variations of these question all the time “Should I loose weight or get in great shape before I become a Fitness Coach?”  “Should I already be a physical success story before I come on board as a Beachbody coach?” It is definitely natural for you to think of this. When you go to […]

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Stress is a term that we use a lot. We tend to accept stress as a part of our daily routine because it seems like the thing to do.  If we aren’t stressed like everybody else, maybe you’re thinking  you are lazy and just aren’t as busy.  It’s almost like a stress competition.  A competition you […]

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Can I talk nerdy to ya? You may know I love Mondays, first of the months, new quarters, new years etc. I’m a pretty organized and scheduled person who can get a lot done because of that. (Not to mention God’s grace!) Hence the “nerdy” talk! So imagine my excitement when the FIRST of the […]

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Getting started on Resolutions!

2015 will be one month old in 6 days. How are you doing on all of those resolutions and goals you made back in the beginning of the month? Be honest… Did you start then stop, or perhaps never even started? Did you want to hit the gym a few times a week consistently and lose […]

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