I have a Gratitude Challenge for you!  Ready? I love Thanksgiving!  A family holiday surrounded by loved ones with good food and just plain old good times!  No gift giving pressures (yes, I love giving, but I’ll explain more as we get closer to Christmas!) so the emphasis isn’t on material items, but rather the […]

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Year End Resolutions!

Whoa,  Can you believe it’s November 9th already?! If you walk into any store, you’ll see the Holiday decorations out already and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet! So much to do in so little time. Are the stress levels rising yet? Usually when things get busy, most will drop the exercise routing and slack in […]

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Secret for Success!

When people ask me the secret for success, whether that be in weight loss, health or business, etc,  I just tell them it’s really easy. But’s its not that simple. To be successful, find somebody else who is already, in the field or area you want to be great in!   Find out what they […]

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Work, Life Balance

Too many of us sacrifice our health and relationships in our late 20′s, 30′s and 40′s all in the name of our careers or children.  Then we’ll spend all the money we made during those years to regain our health in our 50′s, 60′s and beyond.  Or suffer the consequences of neglected relationships, say when […]

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Why not?

Finished my series of Pole classes! How’s that for a attention grabbing first sentence?  LOL!  Can’t say it’s something I’d ever do again as I felt very awkward! Seriously not a graceful or sexy bone in this body! My poor husband, haha!  But my hat is off to those who make that look easy! Besides […]

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