Can I talk nerdy to ya? You may know I love Mondays, first of the months, new quarters, new years etc. I’m a pretty organized and scheduled person who can get a lot done because of that. (Not to mention God’s grace!) Hence the “nerdy” talk! So imagine my excitement when the FIRST of the […]

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Getting started on Resolutions!

2015 will be one month old in 6 days. How are you doing on all of those resolutions and goals you made back in the beginning of the month? Be honest… Did you start then stop, or perhaps never even started? Did you want to hit the gym a few times a week consistently and lose […]

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Mantra’s for the Mindset!

A healthy life is not just about losing weight, it’s about losing your mindset and the lifestyle that got you there. Back to talking about mindset! I know there are times when you ARE a bit hungrier in the morning or feel like you’re missing out in the evening but you’ve just got to learn […]

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January Events!

I hope that your holiday season went well and you were able to enjoy your family and friends! I am slowly getting back into the swing of things as the last of the decorations are put away! What did you think of my last blog with the eating for energy suggestions? Have you tried any of […]

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Eat for Energy!

I hope the hustle and bustle of the holidays hasn’t zapped your energy too much!  Remember to take care of you too! Now that the rush is over (hopefully!), Slow down to actually do more! Eat for Energy!  If your body were an engine, the foods highlighted would be high-octane gasoline. Here’s why: Kale: The […]

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